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                   Bill Baker, President and Founder

                    e-mail: billbakerbillb@gmail.com

                   Mobile: 972-890-1883

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Learn the best practices of leading companies we’ve researched and interviewed!

 Welcome to Speed To Excellence and the website of STE, established in 2004 to aid and assist companies in Learning Fast to achieve Excellence. Our focus is on the Competitive Race that we are in— whether we know it or not! It’s all about how fast we learn and successfully apply those concepts.

STE’s main focus is sharing knowledge in order to transform companies on the path to  excellence in a rapid manner by using all the appropriate tools available such as the “5 pound hammer on the right size nail” and the  “tender handling of the boiled egg”!

With our many years of being on the operational excellence (OP EX) journey in many varied industries under all conditions including Lean Transformations and Lean Six Sigma implementations, we can help plan strategies to beat the competition rapidly!

With my new book Lean For the Long Term we address what successful companies have done to be on the Lean journey for 20-25 years., since may try for 4-5 years and think they have arrived! Not True!-– it’s a never ending journey to approach Excellence in all departments and in all employees everyday!

Bill Baker is the creator of several groundbreaking innovations including:

  1. Lean for the Enterprise- not just manufacturing or operations, Long term vision by management is different!
  2. Fast Track Benchmarking
  3. Rapid Knowledge Transfer (RKT)
  4. The Benchmarking Continuum
  5. The Benchmarking Organizational Maturity Matrix
  6. The Internal Knowledge Management Network

We deploy tools not broadly understood or mastered including:

  • Lean Enterprise Thinking
  • Benchmarking
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise Excellence
  • Maximizing Human Capital

Excellence Awards that we are intimately familiar with include:

  • Shingo Prize
  • Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  • AME Excellence Award
  • ASQ International Teaming Award
  • MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Award

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