Key member of the winning teams that have attained:                                                       

  • Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
  • The Shingo Prize
  • AME Manufacturing Excellence Award 
  • the MAKE Award

We have extensive experience in the cultural change process to take an organization from a beginning level of performance to exceptional levels.

Leader of workshops and seminars at various conferences including: Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME), ASQ Quality Management Division, University of North Texas, Institute for Business & Defense, Boston College, Oracle, APQC, Bearing Point’s Leadership Workshop, ESCO Corporation, American Steel Container Association, Raytheon Six Sigma, Best Practices, LLC., and Northwest Manufacturing Consortium.

Leader of conference planning teams in the following roles:

  • Conference Chair
  • Program Chair
  • Display Chair with heavy experience in site visits, marketing and logistics.

Leader of many Benchmarking Studies (over 250) including Site Visits to


Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding,

General Motors,


Honeywell (Allied Signal),







Hewlett Packard,

Harley Davidson, 


L.L. Bean,

Northrop Grumman Marine Systems and

AME among others.

Hosted numerous Site Visits from other companies including:


Southwest Airlines,




Hewlett Packard

Brown & Root and 


We have written Handbooks, articles and books including:

1.     Texas Instruments’ Benchmarking and Knowledge Management Handbook– Six editions

2.     Texas instruments’ Performance Metrics Handbook– co-authored

3.     Target magazine’s series of four articles on Knowledge Management in the Real World, co-authored

4.     Oracle’s Profit magazine article on Lean Manufacturing

5.     ASQ’s Quality Progress magazine article on Knowledge Management, co-authored

6.     Winning the Knowledge Transfer Race, McGraw-Hill, 2006, co-authored


Mr. Bill Baker was the Knowledge Management & Benchmarking Champion for Raytheon from 1997 until his retirement in 2004. He was responsible for implementation of Benchmarking and Knowledge Management activities throughout the company. Raytheon received the MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Finalist designation in the U.S. by Teleos in 2003 and was the North American Winner in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

He was responsible for Benchmarking and the Benchmarking process at Texas Instruments from 1992 to 1997 and then Raytheon from 1997 until 2004. He developed the Fast Track Benchmarking process and edited  and published 6 revisions of the Benchmarking handbook. He trained and conducted numerous Benchmarking Teams and projects from strategic to tactical focus. He led the Raytheon effort to benchmark Six Sigma processes including executive site visits to GE and Allied Signal leading to the creation and development of Raytheon’s revolutionary Raytheon Six Sigma strategy rollout across the company. He led the Benchmarking team from Raytheon Missile Systems Division to develop the Manufacturing Excellence program in Tucson culminating in earning tye Shingo prize . The Raytheon Knowledge Management process was recognized in 2000 by APQC as a Best Practice.

He has contributed numerous articles to the National Productivity Review, Target, Quality Progress and his work has been featured in numerous books. He is referenced in “The Complete Idiots Guide to Knowledge Management” and “The Knowledge Evolution”. Along with Melissie Rumizen of Buckman Labs and Jeff Stemke of Chevron Texaco, he co-authored a series of articles entitled  “Knowledge Management in the Real World” published from September  2003 until December of 2004 in Target Magazine. In 2006 he co-authored, along with Michael English, the best-selling book “Winning the Knowledge Transfer Race” published by McGraw-Hill that has been used as a textbook world-wide. In 2006 he authored an article in Oracle’s Profit Magazine on Lean Manufacturing. He is on the Target Magazine Editorial Board and is a Book Reviewer for ASQ’s Quality Progress magazine.

Mr. Baker is a senior Shingo Prize Examiner and was a key design contributor of the 2006 AME-Shingo-SME developed Lean Certification process. He has led and participated in over 15 site visit examinations. In 2005 he served as Conference Chairman of the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) International Conference held in Boston, at the time the most successful one to date in its 22 year history.

He is a frequent speaker on Benchmarking, Performance Measurement, Knowledge Management, Raytheon Six Sigma, the Learning organization and the Lean Enterprise. He was one of the key trainers in the USAF Executive Transformation Seminars that were focused on training leaders in change management and reducing waste from 2006-2008. In 2008 he was a co- founder of the AME/APQC Benchmarking Community of Practice which now has over 1000 members and meets monthly to share Best Practices among members. In 2011 he is a key speaker in the joint AME institute and Arizona State University Leadership Development Program.

In 2008 he was selected to be AME’s vice president of Affiliations in order to develop partnerships among other like-minded organizations and develop win-win relationships to promote excellence and growth. By 2012  fifteen organizational agreements had been signed and very active collaboration is underway to promote win-win efforts for all involved. These include: Society of Manufacturing Engineers(SME), The Shingo Prize, Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), Productivity Alberta, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Lean Enterprize Institute (LEI) among others.

In 2012 he wasselected to Chair the AME Target magazine Editorial Board of nine distinquisghed lean experts and authorswhose goal is select themes and articles that are good at sharing best practices and knowledge.

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