1. Keynote Speaker  and Workshop Leader
  2. Successful Conference Organizer and Leader
  3. Community of Practice Leader
  4. Expertise in helping organizations to achieve Business Excellence via:
  • An established award winning Benchmarking capability
  • Knowledge Management strategy implementation
  • A Rapid Knowledge Transfer (RKT) process
  • Performance Metrics and Balanced Scorecard implementations
  • Lean Six Sigma Implementation
  • Cultural Change strategies to move from standard performance to excellence

We have experience in driving your organization to improve rapidly through aggressively applying for Awards:

  1. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  2. Shingo Prize (Lean Enterprise)
  3. AME Manufacturing Excellence Award
  4. ASQ International Teaming Award (ITEA)
  5. Industry Week Best Plants Award
  6. Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE)








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