Benchmarking & Rapid Knowledge Transfer

Bill  and STE are actively engaged in helping companies and individuals apply the principles of sharing knowledge, fast learning from others and then adapting that new knowledge to different business situations to become the “best of the best”. Every business activity is a process and has suppliers and customers and techniques, tools and people that convert input into output effectively.

The trick is to supply a unique value to your output that the customer is delighted with that exceeds their needs…. not just meets them. Learning how to add this unique value is our challenge and we can learn from everyone…. the pizza place, the car dealership, the high-tech web design team and the local volunteer network…. they all strive to improve their processes! Besides learning from otrhers is fun!

My book Winning thwe Knowledge Transfer Race by McGraw-Hill has enjoyed great reviews by thought leaders.

 You’ve heard all the buzzwords: business processes, benchmarking, Six Sigma, knowledge management, and so forth.  If you want to understand how all these ideas fit together in a coherent fashion and support better business performance—at IBM, Toyota, Raytheon, and a host of other organizations—read this book.”

Thomas H. Davenport, Ph.D., President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology

and Management, Babson College